File - Extensions - T -

File - Extensions - T -
.T2T    Sonata CAD modelling software file
   .T64    Commodore 64 emulator tape image file
   .T    Paradox file
   .TAAC    see .VFF
   .TAB    Guitar Tablature file
   .TAR    (Tape ARchive) An old archive-format especially used on Unix-like systems
   .TARGA    see .TGA
   .TAZ    Archive for Unix. TAR file compressed in Z format
   .TAZ    Unix Gzip/Tape Archive
   .TBK    Asymetrix Toolbook interactive multimedia files
   .TBL    TaBLe, used by several programs
   .TCL    Script
   .TDB    Thumbs Plus database
   .TDDD    A file format use by the Imagine & Turbo Silver ray-tracers
   .TDF    Speedo font
   .TDI    TDI Explore & Alias Wavefront image
   .TER    TERrain Terrain (landscape renderer)
   .TERRAIN    TerraGen Terrain Terrain (landscape renderer)
   .TEX    LaTeX text, application/x-tex
   .TEX    TEXture used in Paint Shop Pro
   .TEXT    Raw TEXT file, see also .TXT
   .TGA    Truevision TarGA bitmap image, can be RLE compressed.
   .TGW    TerraGen World (landscape renderer)
   .TGWORLD    TerraGen World (landscape renderer)
   .TGZ    Archive for Unix. TAR file compressed in GZ format
   .THEME    Windows 95 Desktop Theme
   .THM    THuMbnail used by eg. Picture Publisher
   .THN    Graphic Workshop THumbNail
   .TIF    Aldus Tagged Image file Format (TIFF) bitmap image, many different formats.
   .TIFF    Tag Image file Format (TIFF) bitmap
   .TIG    Tiger file, used by US government to distribute maps
   .TIM    see TIF
   .TIM    Sony PlayStation Bitmap image
   .TL?    TimeLine file
   .TLB    Remote Automation TypeLiB files, Dynamic Link Library
   .TLE    Two-Line Element set (NASA)
   .TMD    Lotus TvMap Document
   .TMP    TeMPorary file
   .TNY    TiNY bitmap image used on Atari
   .TOC    Table of contents of Eudora mailboxes
   .TOL    Kodak photoenhancer
   .TOS    The Operation System for Atari line of 16/32 and 32/32 computers
   .TPL    CakeWalk Audio Template file
   .TPL    DataCAD Template file
   .TPL    Ulead iPhoto Express TemPlaTe
   .TPP    Teleport Pro Project
   .TPU    Enable Teleprocessing
   .TPU    Turbo Pascal Unit
   .TRK    Kermit scrpit file
   .TRM    Terminal-configurations
   .TRN    MKS Source Integrity project usage log
   .TRU    TRUe Basic source
   .TTF    TrueType Font, variable size, fontview.exe
   .TTK    Corel Catalyst Translation Tool Kit
   .TTR    TrueType FontTP
   .TUB    PaintshopPro(5) picturetube, a multi-celled picture
   .TUT    TUTorial file
   .TWF    TabWorks file
   .TWW    Tagwrite Template
   .TX8    MS-DOS text
   .TXB    Descent/D2 Encoded Briefing file
   .TXT    ASCII text-formatted audio data
   .TXT    Mostly used extension for simple OEM (Dos) or ANSI (Windows) TeXT, can also be in Unix or Mac format. Notepad, Wordpad - text/plain
   .TXW    Yamaha TX16W wave files
   .TZ    Old compression format file

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