File - Extensions - U -

File - Extensions - U -
.UB    Raw unsigned byte (8-bit) data
   .UC2    Archive formatWC
   .UDF    Windows NT Uniqueness Database file
   .UDW    Raw unsigned doubleword (32-bit) data
   .UIL    X-Motif UIL tableIM
   .ULAW    US telephony format (CCITT G.711) audio
   .ULS    Internet Location Service
   .ULT    Ultratracker music module (MOD) file
   .UMB    Backup file made by MemMaker. Notepad
   .UNI    MikMod UniMod formatted file
   .URL    Internet shortcut file
   .USE    MKS Source Integrity file
   .UU    UU-encoded file
   .UUE    UUEncoded file. Are used as ASCII attachments for email programs that can't handle binary attachments
   .UW    Raw unsigned word (16-bit) data
   .UWF    UltraTracker Wave file

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