File - Extensions - W -

File - Extensions - W -
.WAB    Windows Address Book file
   .WAL    Quake 2 texture file
   .WAS    ProComm source script
   .WAV    WAVe PCM Sound, standard Windows sound format Soundrecorder, Media Player
   .WAX    ProComm compiled script
   .WB1    QuattroPro for Windows spreadsheet
   .WB2    QuattroPro for Windows spreadsheet
   .WB3    Quattro Pro/Win spreadsheet
   .WBK    Microsoft Word Backup document
   .WBL    Argo WebLoad II upload file
   .WBR    Crick Software WordBar file
   .WBT    Crick Software Wordbar Template
   .WCH    WordPerfect for Windows Macro?
   .WCM    WordPerfect for Windows Macro
   .WDB    Microsoft Works database
   .WDG    Warftpd remote daemon file
   .WEB    CorelXara Web document
   .WFB    Turtle Beach WaveFront Bank (Maui/Rio/Monterey)
   .WFD    Turtle Beach WaveFront Drum set (Maui/Rio/Monterey)
   .WFM    Visual dBASE Windows form
   .WFN    Symbols for use in Corel Draw
   .WFP    Turtle Beach WaveFront Program (Maui/Rio/Monterey)
   .WFX    WinFaX file
   .WGP    Wild Board Games data file
   .WHT    Ms NetMeeting Whiteboard-document Netmeeting
   .WID    Ventura WIDth table
   .WIF    Image Imaging
   .WIL    WinImage file
   .WIN    Truevision Targa bitmap image, see also .TGATP
   .WIN    WINdow file
   .WIZ    Microsoft Word Wizard
   .WK1    Lotus 123 versions 1 & 2 spreadsheet
   .WK3    Lotus 123 version 3 spreadsheet
   .WK4    Lotus 123 version 4 spreadsheet
   .WKQ    Quattro spreadsheet
   .WKS    Spreadsheet of Microsoft Works or Lotus 1-2-3
   .WKS    Xlisp WorKSpace
   .WLD    REND386/AVRIL file
   .WLF    Argo WebLoad I upload file
   .WLG    DrWatson LoG file
   .WLL    Microsoft Word Add-In
   .WLR    VRML
   .WM    Windows Media
   .WMC    WordPerfect MaCro
   .WMF    Windows Metafile (vector and bitmap) image
   .WMP    Windows Magic icon Palette
   .WNF    CorelDRAW font
   .WOA    Windows swap file
   .WOW    Grave Composer music module (MOD) file
   .WP4    WordPerfect 4 document
   .WP5    WordPerfect 5 document
   .WP6    WordPerfect 6 document
   .WP    WordPerfect document
   .WPD    WordPerfect Document
   .WPF    Enable word processing document
   .WPF    WorldPort Fax
   .WPG    WordPerfect bitmap or vector image, max. 256 colors
   .WPM    WordPerfect Macro
   .WPP    WordPerfect color Palette
   .WPS    Microsoft Works document
   .WPT    WordPerfect Template
   .WPW    Novel PerfectWorks document
   .WQ!    Quattro Pro spreadsheet
   .WQ1    QuattroPro/DOS spreadsheet
   .WQ2    QuattroPro/DOS version 5 spreadsheet
   .WQ    Spreadsheet
   .WR1    Lotus Symphony v1.1/1.2/2 spreadsheet
   .WRG    ReGet document
   .WRI    Write document
   .WRK    Cakewalk music audio project file
   .WRK    Symphony v1/1.01 spreadsheet
   .WRL    VRML Worlds for WWW, (Virtual Reality Modelling Language) Explorer x-world/x-vrml
   .WRP    Compressed archive used on Amiga
   .WRZ    Another VRML fileject
   .WRZ    see .WRL
   .WS1    WordStar for Windows 1.x document
   .WS2    WordStar for Windows 2.0 document
   .WS3    WordStar for Windows 3 document
   .WS4    WordStar for Windows 4 document
   .WS5    WordStar for Windows 5 document
   .WS6    WordStar for Windows 6 document
   .WS7    WordStar for Windows 7 document
   .WS    Windows Script file
   .WSD    WordStar 2000 document
   .WSH    Windows Scripting Host
   .WSQ    Wavelet-packet Scalar Quantization bitmap format
   .WST    WordStar Text
   .WSZ    Winamp Skin Zip
   .WTD    Wintune (=benchmark program) Document
   .WTX    Wintune (=benchmark program) Document
   .WVL    Wavelet Compressed Bitmap image
   .WWB    WordPerfect button bar
   .WWK    WordPerfect keyboard layout
   .WWL    Microsoft Word add-in file

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