Parts Listing 365C, CD, CS, CSD (2625)

System Unit - ThinkPad 365C, CD, CS, CSD Only

  The following FRUs are for ThinkPad 365C, CD, CS, and CSD models only.
For ThinkPad 365E and 365ED models, see 'Parts Listing 365E, 365ED (2625)'
Index    FRU P/N
1 LCD Assembly, 10.4-Inch DSTN  
   (LCD Panel, Cover Kit, Inverter, Cable)    75H7620
   1a LCD Cover Kit, 10.4-Inch DSTN    41H9818
   1b LCD Panel, 10.4-Inch DSTN    41H7463
   1c Inverter Board, 10.4-Inch DSTN    42H4049
   1d Cable Assembly, 10.4-Inch DSTN    42H4051
   1 LCD Assembly, 10.4-Inch TFT  
   (LCD Panel, Cover Kit, Inverter, Cable)    75H7621
   1a LCD Cover Kit, 10.4-Inch TFT    41H9819
   1b LCD Panel, 10.4-Inch TFT    41H7464
   1c Inverter Board, 10.4-Inch TFT    42H4055
   1d Cable Assembly, 10.4-Inch TFT    42H4057
   2 Keyboard (U.S. Only)    41H9789
   3 Mylar Cover  
   Incl. in Base Asm Parts Kit FRU 41H7432  
   4 8MB Memory Board    88G1262
   Memory Board Insulator Bracket    75H7624
   4a 4MB RAM Card (SO-DIMM)    92G7290
   8MB RAM Card (SO-DIMM)    88G1262
   16MB RAM Card (SO-DIMM)    92G7296
   5 Keyboard Card    41H7436
   6 Hard Disk Drive  
   340MB Hard Disk Drive    85G8374
   540MB Hard Disk Drive    85G8372
   720MB Hard Disk Drive    85G8371
   1.08GB Hard Disk Drive    39H2221
   7 PCMCIA Socket Assembly    75H7622
   8 Processor, 80486-DX4 75MHz    88G1249
   9 System Board (with PCMCIA Socket)  
   512K VRAM System Board    40H3987
   1MB VRAM System Board    76H2984
   10 Battery Pack    41H7438
   11 Lower Cover Assembly    75H7577
   Lower Cover Rubber Feet (2)    75H7609
   12 DASD Devices  
   Internal Diskette Drive Assembly    41H7444
   External Diskette Drive with Cable  
   (41H7445)    75H7572
   CD-ROM (2X) Drive    41H7446
   13 Volume Control Card    41H7434
   14 LED/IR Board    41H7443
   15 DC/DC Board    41H7433
   16 Sound Card (16-Bit)    41H7449
   16 Sound Card (No Audio)    41H4737
   17 Upper Cover (with Screws, Gasket)    75H7573
   AC Adapter (35W Universal)    85G6698
   AC Adapter (Japan Only)    85G6700
   AC Power Cord (6-Inch - U.S.)    25H2207
   Game Port Cable    75H7576
   Base Assembly (With Parts Kit)    41H7432
   Upper Cover Bracket with Speaker,  
   Power Switch Knob, Power Bracket,  
   Support Bracket, Misc. Rubber Parts.  
   TrackPoint Caps (2), IR Lens  
   Plastic Door/Bezel Package    41H7452
   PCMCIA, I/O, Modem, CD-ROM, FDD  
   Replicator, Misc. Rubber Parts  
   Flat Plastic Cable Kit    75H7575
   DSTN, TFT, CD-ROM, Internal FDD  
   Replicator Base Assembly    41H7457
   Replicator Cable Cover    41H7458
   Mini-Replicator Assembly    75H7528
   Miscellaneous Parts/Screws Kit    41H7456
   CD-ROM Removal Pin, Washers, Hex Nuts,  
   Misc. Rubber Parts, Various Mylar Pieces,  
   Keyboard Knobs, Power Knob, Rubber Pads  
   Diskette Drive Brackets, Hard Disk Brackets  
   Memory Board Bracket, Power Bracket  
   Screw M2.5*3.5 (4), Screw M2*4 (6),  
   Screw M3*4 (4), Screw M3*6 (4)  
   Screw M2*15 (2), Screw M2*7 (4)  
   Screw M2*5 pan (16), Screw M3*6 pan (4)  
   Screw M3*6 binding (4)  
   Trackpoint Cap Kit    84G6536

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