Netfinity - 3500-M10 Type 8655 Models

Netfinity - 8655 (dual) Pentium® III - 500 - 600 MHz Models

1 Secondary microprocessor socket (U25)
2 Primary microprocessor socket
3 Power connector
4 5 V auxilliary power connector
5 DIMM sockets (DIMM 0,1,2,3)
6 Channel B SCSI connector (68-pin)
7 Diskette drive connector
8 Primary IDE connector
9 Channel B SCSI connector (50-pin)
10 Secondary IDE connector
11 Battery
12 CMOS clear (password) jumper
13 Rocker switches
14 Wake on LAN connector
15 Wake on Modem connector
16 Channel A SCSI connector (68-pin)
17 Shared ISA/PCI slot connector
18 PCI slot connector
19 AGP slot connector

20 Microphone connector
21 Audio line In/Out connector
22 RJ-45 Ethernet connector
23 Parallel / Serial-1/Serial-2 connectors
24 USB-1/USB-2 connectors
25 Keyboard/Mouse connectors

The following table provides the system switch identifiers and description of these switches.

Rocker Switch Settings (SW1 1-8)

   Identifier    Switch Description
   SW1-1    Reserved
   SW1-2    Reserved
   SW1-3    Reserved
   SW1-4    Reserved
   SW1-5    BIOS recovery mode. When this switch is set to On,
     perform BIOS recovery using the boot block
     (boot block recovery)
     The recovery boot block is in a protected area of flash
     memory that cannot be overwritten. When the BIOS
     becomes corrupted (for example, if a power failure
     occurs during a flash update), the recovery boot block
     can be used to restore the BIOS. The code in the
     recovery boot block enables the server to start up and
     read a flash diskette. The flash utility automatically
     recovers the system BIOS from the BIOS recovery files
     on the diskette. When the flash is complete, the switch
     must be moved to the Off position.
     The default setting is Off (disabled)
   SW1-6    Ethernet operation mode. When this switch is set to On,
     the onboard Ethernet controller is disabled. When this
     switch is set to Off, the onboard Ethernet controller
     operates normally.
     The default settings is Off.
   SW1-7    Administrator password locked. When this switch is set
     to On, the administrator password is unlocked, and may
     be changed or reset, although enhanced security is
     enabled. When this switch is set to Off, the
     administrator password is locked, and may not be
     changed or reset if enhanced security is enabled.
     The default setting is Off
   SW1-8    Diskette write protection. When this switch is set to On,
     prevent writing to diskette. When this switch is et to
     Off, normal diskette read and write operation is in effect
     The default setting is Off.

Memory DIMM options
Be sure to observe the following guidelines when adding memory DIMM options.

Memory configuration

When adding or removing memory, any sequence of DIMM sizes is allowed.
A basic rule to follow is to fill each system memory connector sequencially, starting at DIMM socket 1.

Possible DIMM combinations:

Total Memory
64 64 0 0 0
128 128 0 0 0
128 64 64 0 0
192 64 64 64 0
256 256 0 0 0
256 128 128 0 0
256 128 64 64 0
512 128 128 128 128
512 256 256 0 0
768 256 256 256 0
1024 256 256 256 256

Note: Not all memory configurations are listed,
alternative memory configurations are possible.

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