9585 (Server 85) FRU P/N

Index    FRU P/N
1 Access Cover    33F8427
2 Rear Bezel    92F0279
3 288 Watt Power Supply    92F2637
   Power Supply Ground Strap    33F8418
4 Pedestal with Plate  
   (33F8422)    64F0215
5 Drive Support Structure    92F0280
   Ground Spring (for 92F0280)    33F6853
6 Hard Disk Drive Mounting Tray    64F0141
   128MB MO-Drive Mounting Tray    85F0022
   DASD Guide (Rail)    33F8441
7 540MB 1/3 Ht. Hard Disk Drive (SCSI)    92F0406
   1GB 1/3 Ht. Hard Disk Drive (SCSI)    92F0428
   Drive Power Cable (Two connector)    34F0014
   2.0/4.0-GB 4 mm Tape Drive    FRU P/N
   127MB / 230MB Rewriteable Optical Drive    FRU P/N
   Internal CD-ROM-(I and II)    FRU P/N
   Slide for CD-ROM-I    85F0014
   Slide for CD-ROM-II    92F0162
   Terminator Kit for CD-ROM-II    92F0082
   Ground Spring for CD-ROM    92F0087
   CD-ROM Rail-Kit    34F0041
   CD-ROM Headphone    53F3610
8 Drive Retainer    64F4135
9 Front Bezel    64F4137
10 DASD Bezel (small)    33F8425
11 DASD Bezel (medium)    64F4136
12 5.25 Inch Diskette Drive Bezel    64F4103
   5.25 Inch Framing Bezel    33F8459
   CD-ROM Drive I and II Bezel    64F0138
   Rewriteable Optical Drive Bezel    85F0018
13 Blank Diskette Drive Bezel (Filler)    33F8437
14 3.5 Inch Device Filler Bezel    33F8437
15 Operator Panel Bezel    92F0281
18 1.44MB 3.5 Inch Diskette Drive    64F0162
   Drive Slide (for 64F0162)    64F0156
   2.88MB 3.5 Inch Diskette Drive (with slide)  
   (not supported on all early Type-1 systems)    64F0204
   Drive Slide (for 64F0204)    64F0156
   2.88MB 3.5 Inch Diskette Drive  
   (with electr. eject.)    92F0129
   Bezel (for 92F0129)    92F0131
19 Operator Panel Card Assy.    92F0277
20 Base Frame (R)    92F0278
21 System Board w/o Memory    92F0270
   (soldered 486-SX on sys.-board  
   Mod xXx + V01 + 1NG. SCSI integr. 8-bit  
   internal & external)  
   System Board 486DX-33 w/SCSI  
   (not avail in EMEA, use 61G2401 and  
   interchange processor).    61G2405
   System Board 486DX-33/66 w/FW SCSI  
   (PS/2 like cache socket, SCSI-F/W int.&ext)    61G2401
   L2 Cache 256KB (for 61G2401)  
   (SIMM-like 1-piece)    61G4099
   L2 Cache 128KB (for 61G2405)  
   (SIMM-like 1-piece not avail. in EMEA)    61G4098
22 SCSI-2 Fast/Wide Adapter/A    92F0160
   SCSI-2 Adapter 16 > 8  
   (for 9585-xKx and xNx)    61G3594
23 SVGA-NI Display Adapter/A    71G4877
   ISO Display Adapter/A  
   (for 9585-xKx and xNx)    39G3298
   MGA Ultima /2/M/H Video  
   Graphics Adapter    06H2928
25 System Board Memory Module Kits  
   (72-pin Parity Memory modules - 70ns)  
   2MB SIMM    92F0102
   4MB SIMM    92F0105
   8MB SIMM    64F3606
26 Operator Panel Cable  
   (connects to system board)    92F0329
27 Diskette Drive Signal Cable    92F0283
29 SCSI Signal Cable  
   (8-bit internal)    61G3005
   SCSI Signal Cable  
   (F/W 16-bit int. 68/68-pin    92F0327
31 Hard Disk Drive Power Cable  
   (for 1x device)    33F8431
   (for 2x devices)    34F0014
   (for 3x devices)    64F0197
   Speaker    33F8444
   Keylock Assembly    33F8433
   Battery    33F8354
   Adapter Guide    33F8440
   Misc. Parts Kit    33F8435

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