QAPlus - Error Codes

For SCSI-RAID symptoms refer to SCSI-RAID / SERVER's (HINTs - TIPs)

For PCs (e.g. Aptiva 2134-2176) shipped with a Diagnostics and Utilities CD.
Before beginning, ensure that Rapid Resume is disabled in the Setup Utility, then :
  1.  Install the Diagnostics and Utilities CD in the CD-ROM drive.
  2.  Power-off, then power-on the system unit.
  3.  Do NOT press F1 during POST.
  4.  If any POST error appear after POST, make a note of the errors and press the Esc key.
  5.  When the Diagnostics and Utilities Menu  screen is displayed, type: zero for a DOS prompt,  then change the DOS prompt to G:
  6.  Type QAPLPRO/XXX (where /XXX represent Command Line Options)  then press Enter.

This General Checkout procedure is for all computers that are supported by the QAPlus/PRO Diagnostics test.

Diagnostic error messages appear when a test program finds a problem with a hardware option. For the test programs to properly determine if a test Passed, Failed, or Aborted , the test programs check the error-return code at test completion. (See 'Return Codes'.)

For application program or operating system error messages, refer to the information supplied with that software package.

 +---- Notes ------------------------------------------+
 | 1. If multiple error codes are displayed, diagnose  |
 |    the first error code displayed.                  |
 | 2. If the computer hangs with a POST error, go to   |
 |    'Symptom-to-FRU Index (QAPlus/PRO'               |
 | 3. If the computer hangs and no error is displayed, |
 |    see 'Undetermined Problems'                      |
 | 4. If a device cannot be selected from the Module   |
 |    Test menu, that device may be defective.         |

 - Power-off the computer and all external devices.
 - Check all cables and power cords.
 - Set all display controls to the middle position.
 - Insert the QAPlus/PRO Diagnostic diskette into drive A.
 - Power-on all external devices.
 - Power-on the computer.
 - Check for the following responses:
   1. One beep.
   2. Readable instructions or the Main Menu.
  Yes   No-+002| Find the failure symptom in
 +-+-+     +---+ 'Symptom-to-FRU Index (QAPlus/PRO)'
  Run the Advanced Diagnostic Test.. If necessary, refer to
  'QAPlus/PRO Diagnostics'.
 If you receive an error, go to 'Symptom-to-FRU Index (QAPlus/PRO)'

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