Updating Flash Memory (2614)

Updating Flash Memory

  Note on Updating Flash Memory
Perform this NEWBIOS function only while operating on AC power.

Reprogramming Flash BIOS 

To reprogram the Flash ROM, do the following.
  1.  Access the Monitor program with the Ctrl+Alt+Ins key  combination.
  2.  Insert the Advanced Diagnostics diskette in the diskette drive.
  3.  Type NEWBIOS, then press Enter.

The NEWBIOS function tests the size of the file, the computer type, and the checksum of the file. After the tests complete successfully, the Flash ROM is reprogrammed. The following prompt appears:

Programming success. Press Enter to reboot system... 

In order for the computer to read the new code, the computer must be rebooted. Press Enter to reboot the computer.

If the NEWBIOS function fails and displays any error messages, power-off computer, wait 15 seconds, then power-on computer. If the Flash ROM is corrupt, the computer will initiate the NEWBIOS function automatically.

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