Using the CD-ROM Drive and ServerGuide

Using the CD-ROM Drive and ServerGuide

If you are installing an operating system, it is important that you read and understand the following information:

NOTE: Locate the ServerGuide. You will need the main ServerGuide CD shortly after you power-on the server.
  1.  Power-on all external devices, then power-on the server.
  2.  After the POST compltes, press the CD-ROM tray-release button. The CD-ROM tray extends out appr. one inch from the server. Pull  the tray straight out until it stops.

    NOTE: If the CD-ROM tray does not extend out, insert the end of a paper clip into the manual tray-release opening.

  3.  With the label information facing right, center and place the main ServerGuide CD on the hub.
  4.  Push the CD-ROM tray back into the server.
  5.  Press F1 to restart the server. If the server does not restart, press Ctrl+Alt+Del
  6.  If the server is a disk-array model, or if you are installing one of the operating systems available in the ServerGuide package, select Start Here from the Main Menu and follow the instructions on the screen.  If you are not installing an operating system from ServerGuide, go to 'Not Installing an Operating System from Serverguide'

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