Connecting End Stations (8238)

Connecting End Stations

To connect end stations to a hub:
  1.  Make sure Network Interface Cards (NICs) installed in end stations  are set to the same ring speeds as each other (4 or 16 Mbps).
  2.  If you plan to use a ring speed of 4 Mbps, refer to the IBM 8238 Token Ring  Stackable Hub Installation and Operation Guide  for instructions on changing the hub ring speed from it's  factory setting of 16 Mbps.
  3.  Connect the lobe cable from each end station to a lobe port on the hub.
  4.  Check the Port LEDs to verify correct operation. The hub provides a numbered Port LED for each port.
     The Port LED:

     For more information, refer to the section 'Interpreting Hub LEDs'.


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