Connecting to a Backbone Ring (8238)

Connecting to a Backbone Ring

You can use the lobe port on an IBM 8238 Fiber or Copper RI/RO Feature to attach the stack to a backbone ring. The below illustration show physical and logical diagramsof the backbone ring attachement. The physical diagram shows a Fiber RI/RO Feature. However, you can connect the Copper RI/RO Feature using the same method.

To attach the hub stack to a backbone ring:
  1.  Use the SET HUB RIRO_MODE ISOLATED mgmt. command to isolate the RI/RO Feature from  the main stack ring (token_ring_1). For example:

      ONsemble> set hub 1 riro_mode isolated

  2.  Make RI/RO connections as described in Making Fiber RI/RO Connections and Making Copper RI/RO Connections
  3.  Connect the lobe port on the RI/RO Feature to a port on a Token-Ring-to-Token-Ring bridge.
  4.  Connect a lobe port on the Token Ring Hub to a port on the Token-Ring-to-Token-Ring bridge.
  5.  Configure the Token-Ring-to-Token-Ring bridge to bridge traffic between the two bridge ports you
     used in steps 3 and 4.


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