Main Power Supply Connector (20-pin)

Main (ATX) Power-Supply Connector (20-pin)

This 20-pin main power supply connector is located on the system board.

  On most ATX-type Power-Supplies
there is a Power-Override switch available,
(Located next to the line power cable connector - do not confuse with the VOLTAGE-SELECTOR switch - if installed). 
If the system does not power-on after pressing the power button, check first the power cable and the Power-Override switch (must be switched to ON, if available) .

Systemboard / Powersupply - (top-side / front-end view) 20-pin ATX power-connector 

(You can power on the power supply without using the on/off switch.
Use a connection (jumper) to short the BLACK and GREEN (pin-13 ground <-> pin-14 P.S.-on) wires of the 20-pin ATX connector on power supply.)

  These voltages must be checked with the power supply cabels connected to the system board.

Pin Signal Function Cable
Pin Signal Function Cable
11 3.3 V +3.3 Vdc Orange 1 3.3 V +3.3 Vdc Orange
12 -12 V -12 Vdc Blue 2 3.3 V +3.3 Vdc Orange
13 COM Ground Black 3 COM Ground Black
14 PS-ON DC Remote Enable Green 4 5 V +5 Vdc Red
15 COM Ground Black 5 COM Ground Black
16 COM Ground Black 6 5 V +5 Vdc Red
17 COM Ground Black 7 COM Ground Black
18 -5 V -5 Vdc (Note 1) White 8 POK Power Good Gray
19 5 V +5 Vdc Red 9 5VSB Standby Voltage Purple
20 5 V +5 Vdc Red 10 +12 V +12 Vdc Yellow

NOTE 1: -5Vdc is not needed/available on some machines.

Hard Disk Drive / Diskette - Power Connector


Sample only - BAT <-> ATX - power supply

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