ECA 024 - 113 error

ECA 024 - 113 error


113 error / system halt

To provide instructions to determine if the 60MB or 120MB fixed disk should be replaced to correct a 113 error / system halt in an 8550, 8555, 8570 or 8573.

Identify affected fixed disk by locating a label on the fixed disk marked with EC a79678. Only fixed disks that meet the conditions described in the detail below should be replaced.

affected machines include:
type - mod fdisk FRU P/N EC label
8550 - 021 (opt) 60MB 90X8627 A79678
8550 - 031 (opt) 60MB 90X8627 A79678
8550 - 061 60MB 90X8627 A79678
8555 - 061 60MB 6128272 A79678
8570 - A21 120MB 90X9286 A79678
8570 - E61 60MB 90X8627 A79678
8570 - 121 120MB 90X9286 A79678
8573 - 061 60MB 90X8627 A79678
8573 - 121 120MB 90X9286 A79678

Certain fixed disks may cause a 113 (DMA timeout) error / system halt when the fixed disk and other devices perform concurrent operations in a multitasking environment. When this condition occurs the system halts and/or displays a dma timeout error message appropriate for the operating system being used. There is no data loss from this condition. To restart, the system must be Powered off then back on. If the above condition exists and the fixed disk matches the "physical check", replace the fixed disk.

Some examples of multi-tasking systems are: OS/2, AIX, XENIX, and Tape backup routines that run on DOS or a multi-tasking operating system.

Some examples of system halts are non maskable interrupt errors ( nmi ), 113 direct memory access (DMA) errors,

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