Abbreviations (N)

  Abbreviations (N)
Abbreviations.    Meaning
   Nano    A prefix meaning 1/1000 000 000 (or x 10-9)
   NDS    Netware Directory Service
   NIT    A engineers slang (Candela/sq.-meter)
   NLM    Netware Loadable Module
   NLS    National Language Support
   NRPB    National Radiological Protection Board (U.K.)
   NAU    Network Addressable Unit
   NCITS    National Committee for Information Technology Standards
   NCSC    National Computer Security Center
     (see also DoD)
   NDD    National Distribution Division
   NDIS    Network Driver (Device) Interface Specification
   NiCd    Nickel-Cadmium (battery)
   NiMH    Nickel-Metalhydrid (battery)
   NMI    Non-Maskable Interrupt
   NNTP    Net News Transport Protocol (Internet)
   NPA    Network Professionals Association
   NPDA    Network Problem Determination Aid
   NPT    Non Programmable Terminal
   NTSC    National Television System Committee (USA)
   NSC    National Service Center
   NUTEK    Swedish National Board for Industrial and Technial Development
   NVRAM    Non Volatile Random Access Memory

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