FRU Removals and Replacements (2523)

  FRU Removals and Replacements

Follow the numerical sequence in the FRU removal sequence list and in the exploded view to remove or disconnect parts in the correct order. The letters in parentheses in the list indicate screw types.

See the 'Screw Size Chart', to match the letters to the correct screw type and size before replacing each screw.


Saftey 8
Saftey 1
  1.  Battery Pack
     (To replace the backup battery, use a coin to open the backup battery door  on the bottom cover. Reset configuration after  replacing the backup battery.)
  2.  Four Bottom Cover Screws (2-B, 2-W)
     (At each corner)
  3.  Top Cover Assembly
  4.  One Bottom Cover Screw (X)
     (At center)
  5.  LCD and Digitizer Cables
  6.  LCD Assembly and Shield Cover Assembly
  7.  Switch and LED Card
  8.  Four Shield Cover Screws (Z)
     (At corners of shield cover)
    Separate LCD assembly and shield cover
     (Perform digitizer calibration if the LCD assembly is replaced.)
  9.  Standby Battery
  10.  System Power Cable
  11.  Seven System Board Screws (Y)
  12.  System Board
     (Remove the backup battery, sub battery, DC/DC card and inverter card, and  the hard disk drive from the old system board and install them on the new  one. Check that the IC card bracket is in place before tightening the  board screws.  Perform digitizer calibration for the new system board.)
  13.  One Screw (Y)
  14.  Shield Kit and DC/DC Card
  15.  Inverter Card
  16.  Four Screws (T)
     (In system board holding hard disk drive)
  17.  Hard Disk Drive

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