1140 System Board (2625)

1140 System Board

  The system board fits very tightly in the bottom cover. Pay special attention to the PCMCIA eject buttons, audio connectors, and I/O connectors when removing and replacing the system board.


NOTE: Screws shown above are 6 mm long.

Procedure continues on the following page.

  If you replace the system board FRU, do the following to update the system setup program.

  1.  Power-on the computer.
  2.  Go to a DOS full screen.
  3.  Press Ctrl+Alt+F11 to access the setup screen.
  4.  Use the arrow keys to select Personalization.
  5.  Press Tab to edit.
  6.  At the Greeting screen, type in the required information.
  7.  Press F3 to save.
  8.  Press Esc to access Exiting Setup.
  9.  Press F4 to save settings and reboot.

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