Parts Listing (3547)

Parts Listing
Index    FRU P/N
1 Upper Cover    39H7419
   2 Fan ASM    39H7420
   3 Riser Card ASM    39H7421
   4 LCD ASM    xxxxxxx
   5 Base Cover ASM    39H7418
   6 Main Board ASM (39H7422)    39H7452
   7 Power Supply Unit    39H7417
    Option Card Cover    39H7423
    Miscellaneous Kit    39H7431
   (Includes the following:)  
SelectaDock Base Model I    39H7416

   FRU P/N
Tape Drive Kit    84G1290
    Bracket and Bezel    84G1291
    Shelf    84G3631
    Tray Cover    84G3632

Power Cords


  Use the power cord certified for your country.

Index    FRU P/N
1 Colombia, U.S., Venezuela    13F9959
   Japan, 2-pin    6454377
   Japan, 3-pin    65F0031
   2 Hong Kong, Singapore, U.K.    14F0033
   3 France, Germany, Spain    13F9979
   4 Italy    14F0069
   5 Australia, New Zealand    13F9940
   6 Denmark    13F9997
   7 Israel    14F0087
   8 Bangladesh, Pakistan, Sri Lanka,  
   South Africa    14F0015
   9 Switzerland    14F0051
   10 Thailand    1838574

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