Power Management Features (2640-560x - 60x, 70x)

Power Management Features

Three power management modes are provided by the computer to reduce power consumption and prolong battery power.

Standby Mode

In standby mode the following occurs:

Events that cause the computer to enter standby mode:

The computer exits standby and resumes operation when any key is pressed.

Suspend Mode

In suspend mode, the following occurs, in addition to what occurs in standby mode:

Events that cause the computer to enter suspend mode:

  1.  In the ThinkPad Configurations program, the computer can be set to Will not suspend even if LCD is closed 
  2.  If the computer is powered on with ac power and it is used with one of the communication PC Cards,  the computer enters standby mode , the PC Card and application program remain active.
  3.  The computer cannot enter suspend mode while a communication link is connecting.

The following events cause the computer to resume from suspend mode:

The computer also exits suspend mode when timer conditions are satisfied for entering hibernation mode.

Hibernation Mode

In hibernation mode, the following occurs:

NOTE: The computer cannot enter hibernation mode if it has been powered on with ac power and a communication PC card is used.

The following events cause the computer to enter hibernation mode:

The computer exits hibernation mode and resumes operation when the power-on switch is pressed. When power is turned on, the hibernation file in the boot record on the hard disk drive is read and system status is restored from the hard disk drive.

Port Replicator Power Overload

If a power shutdown occurs intermittently when PC Card devices are used with a port replicator, suspect an over-current problem. Some PC Card devices use more power, if the maximum usage of each device occurs simultaneously, the total current will exceed the limit, thereby causing a power shutdown. Isolate this problem by removing one of the devices, and use the computer under the same condition, to see if a power shutdown occurs. Do this procedure for all devices to help determine the cause.

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