Switch Locations (2600-310/310D/310E/310ED)

Switch Locations 2600-310/310D

There are two switches on the system board.

and another switch on the DC-DC converter.

Refer to the figure and tables below for switch settings. (** = Default setting)


CPU Settings

CPU-Type Voltage Speed
Intel® P54CSLM-133 CPU 3.1V 133MHz
Intel® P55C-133 MMX™ 2.45V 133MHz
Intel® P55C-150 MMX™ 2.45V 150MHz
Intel® P55C-166 MMX™ 2.45V 166MHz

CPU Voltage (S1) Settings

CPU-Voltage 2.35V 2.45V 2.9V 3.1V
Switch 1 Off Off Off Off
Switch 2 Off ON Off Off
Switch 3 ON Off Off Off
Switch 4 Off Off Off ON

CPU Speed (SW3) Settings

CPU Speed 120MHz 133MHz ** 150MHz 166MHz
Switch 1 Off ON Off ON
Switch 2 ON Off ON Off
Switch 3 Off Off ON ON
Switch 4 ON ON ON ON

Keyboard Language (SW2, Switch 1 and 2) Settings

European U.S. Germany Japanese
Switch 1 ON Off ON Off
Switch 2 Off Off Off ON

Password (SW2, Switch 3) Settings

Password ON Off
Switch 3 Bypass Check

Reserved switch (SW2, Switch 4)

Reserved ON Off
Switch 4 - -

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