The Battery Calibration Application (WP z50 - 2608)

The Battery Calibration Application

The Battery Calibration  application tests the battery to ensure that it charges to its full capacity.
You must first connect the AC Adapter before you use the Battery Calibration application. Click Start, Programs, Workpad.
Click the Battery Calibration icon to open the 'Battery Calibration' window:


Press the Start button to begin the program.
You will see the following dialog window:

Note: It the AC Adapter is not connected when you start the Battery Calibration application, you will see a dialog window prompting you to connect it before you continue.

Press OK to close the message window, then click Start to begin the calibration. You will see the following dialog window:

Press OK to close this dialog window.

The Battery Calibration application will charge the Li-ion battery to its full capacity.
When the battery reaches full capacity, the Battery Calibration application will allow the battery to fully discharge.
When the battery is fully discharged, the application will charge the battery again.
When the battery has been charged to 2% of its capacity, the Battery Calibration application will stop.

Note: During the battery calibration process, the AC Adapter must be connected at all times.
To reduce the time it takes to discharge the battery, increase the LCD panel brightness to the maximum level and turn off the automatic backlight control in the Control Panel.
It takes up to 12 hours to calibrate the standard battery pack.
The high-capacity battery pack needs to go through the calibration procedure twice 

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