Power Management Features (WP z50 - 2608)

Power Management Features

The power management features are designed to save as much electricity as possible by putting components into a low-power consumption mode as often as possible.
This low-power mode is referred to as "suspend" mode.

Full Power Mode

The WorkPad z50 operates in Full power mode when power management is disabled and the AC Adapter is connected.

Suspend Mode

In suspend mode, the system is powered off except for the system DRAM.
The WorkPad z50 enters suspend mode when the system remains idle for a specified amount of time or under one of the following conditions:

  -Attention- The system will not enter suspend mode after an idle time-out under the following conditions:
The serial port is connected to another system running Windows CE services.
The WorkPad z50 is connected to a network through the PCMCIA LAN card.

The system will resume to full power mode under one of the following conditions:

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