Controls and Indicators (Hot-Swap Server-330)

Controls and Indicators (Hot-Swap Server)

Controls Indicators Descriptions

CD-ROM Eject Button  Push this button to release the CD from the CD-ROM drive.

Power-On Light  This green LED lights when you power-on the server by pressing the power switch, and when the server powers on in the Unattended mode.

Power Switch  Use this switch to power-on the server manually, or return the server to Standby mode . The automatic restart feature, which enables the server to restart following a momentary power loss, means that the server is never completely powered-off.

NOTE: Do not set the server to the Standby mode if any of the drive In-Use lights are on. This might damage the information stored on a hard disk or diskette.

You can configure the server to start at a specified date and time, or when it receives a signal from either serial port. (For more information on setting Unattended startup, see Alarm/Wakeup Settings

To toggle the server:

Diskette-Drive In-Use Light This light comes on when the drive is accessing a diskette.

Diskette Eject Button Push this button to release a diskette from the drive.

CD-ROM Drive In-Use Light: This light comes on when the CD-ROM drive is accessed.

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