Microprocessor Installation (Netfinity 7000 - 8651)

Microprocessor Installation

To install a microprocessor:

  1.  Power-off the server and peripheral devices and  disconnect all external cables and power cords, then,  remove the top cover (see 'Cover (Top)').

      Caution If the server has been operating, the heat sinks
     on the installed microprocessors wilt be hot. Let the components cool for 10 minutes before  continuing with the procedures.

  2.  Determine the processor beard on which you want to  install the microprocessor.

    NOTE: The server comes with a microprocessor  preinstalled in the primary socket -6- of the  primary processor board. If you are installing a second microprocessor  in the server, install it in the primary socket on the secondary processor  board. If you are inslalling a third microprocessor, install it in the  secondary socket on the primary processor board. If you are  installing a fourth microprocessor, install it in the  secondary socket on the secondary processor board.
     Refer to 'Processor or Memory Board' for the locations of the primary and  secondary processor boards.

  3.  Remove the processor board on which you want to  install another microprocessor (see 'Processor or Memory Board').


    1.  All microprocessors in the server beard must  have the same speed to ensure proper operation.
    2.  While you are handling boards and microprocessors, place them on a grounded,  static-protective or conductive-foam surface.

  4.  Lift the latch -4- on the empty microprocessor socket -5-


     To install the microprocessor:

    1.  Center the microprocessor -3- over the socket.
    2.  Carefully insert the microprocessor into the  socket. Ensure that the pins on the  microprocessor align with the holes in the socket.
    3.  Move the latch -4- downward until the  microprocessor is completely locked into the  socket. Make sure the latch is in the fully closed position.

  5.  If the heat sink comes with grease, open the thermal  grease packet. Place the contents of the packet on  top of the micmprocessor. In most cases the heat sink comes with a pad.
  6.  Spread the grease evenly over the surface of the  microprocessor. Ensure that the grease does not extend beyond the microprocessor edges.
  7.  Discard the empty thermal grease packet.
  8.  Install the heat sink and heat-sink clip:

    1.  Align the heat sink -2- above the microprocessor.
    2.  Clip one end of the heat-sink clip -1- over the  flange. Then, place the clip over the top of the heat sink and  press down until it is secure on both sides of the socket.

  9.  If you are also installing or removing video memory or  memory module kits. do so now, otherwise, continue with this procedure.
  10.  Reinstall the processor board and the board-support panel.


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