Processor or Memory Board Removal (Netfinity 7000 - 8651)

Processor or Memory Board Removal

To remove one of the processor boards or the memory board:
  1.  Power-off the server and peripheral devices and  disconnect all external cables and power cords, then, remove  the top cover (see 'Cover (Top)').
  2.  Remove the board-support panel:

     (Refer to the illustration in 'Processor or Memory Board'.

    1.  Loosen the screws -1- on the board-support  panel -2- and remove the board-support panel  by lifting it and pulling the edge away from the  three slots at the back of the chassis.
    2.  Store the panel until you are ready to reinstall it.

  3.  Select the processor board -4- or -5- or memory  board -3- that you want to remove.
  4.  Disconnect the processor board or memory board  from the system board by rotating the two corner  latches -6- on the top of the board outward to a  90-degree angle from the board.
  5.  Grasp the two corner latches and carefully lift the  board out of the slot.

    NOTE: Avoid touching the component and connectors on the board.

  6.  Place the board on a flat, static-protective surface.

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