Removal (Netfinity 7000 - 8651)


To remove the SCSI Backplane, do the following:

  1.  Power-off the server.
  2.  Remove the top cover, see 'Cover (Top)'
  3.  Remove the side cover, see 'Cover (Sides)'

    NOTE: If the air baffle is not installed correctly, the  server will overheat.

  4.  Remove the air baffle -1-

     1 Cable Retainers
     2 Backplane Cable

  5.  Slide the CEC back to access the backplane cable.
  6.  Release the backplane cable retainers -1- and  disconnect the backplane cable -2-, then, disconnect  the the backplane cable.

     1 Hot Swap Drive Cage Screws
     2 Hot Swap Drive Cage

  7.  Remove the 4 hot-swap drive cage screws -1- and  pull the hot swap drive cage a out of the server.

     1 Hot-Swap Backplane Screws
     2 Hot Swap Backplane

  8.  Remove the 8 hot-swap backplane screws -1- and  remove the hot swap backplane -2.-

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