Enabling BIOS Recovery Mode (J6A1) (Netfinity 7000 - 8651)

Enabling BIOS Recovery Mode (J6A1)

The flash memory contains a protected area that cannot be corrupted. The code in this area enables the server to start from a diskette when the BIOS becomes corrupted, for example, if a power failure occurs during a flash update. After starting, the Flash Memory Update Utility automatically recovers the system BIOS from the BIOS recovery files on the diskette.


  1.  The BIOS recovery jumper, J6A1, must be set to pins  2 and 3 to enable the BIOS flash memory recovery mode.
  2.  If you have mapped the BIOS of an adapter to any  part of the E0000H address range, you must either  map it to another area before completing a recovery  procedure, or physically remove the adapter from the system.
  3.  Before you run the recovery procedure, verify that the  BIOS write jumper, J6A4, is set to its default position  at pins 2 and 3.

To recover the BIOS:

  1.  Power-off the server and peripheral devices and  remove the fop cover (see 'Cover (Top)').
  2.  Identify the BIOS recovery jumper, J6A1.

  3.  If the primary processor board blocks access to the  jumper, remove it (see 'Processor or Memory Board').
  4.  Move the jumper to pins 2 and 3. This enables the recovery mode.
  5.  If you removed the primary processor board, install it.
  6.  Replace the top cover.
  7.  Insert the flash memory update diskette into the  primary diskette drive (usually drive A).
  8.  Connect the power cable to the server.
  9.  Start the server.

     After the server successfully completes POST, the  speaker emits a single beep and the recovery  process starts (the process takes about three  minutes). During the recovery process, no messages  are displayed on the monitor, and the keyboard is  disabled. When the recovery process is complete,  the server emits two beeps.

  10.  Power-off the server and all peripheral devices,  remove the top cover (see 'Cover (Top)'), and move the jumper back to its original  position (pins 1 and 2, factory default).

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