Netfinity 5500 - Type 8660 Server

(IBM Netfinity 5500 - 8660 HMM P/N 37L5209 - S10L-9800-02 U.S.A. March-1999) 

  Netfinity 5500 - Type 8660


  Administrator / Power-on Password Override

General Checkout  

  Symptom-to-FRU Index


  System / Processor Board - Locations

  2/4-Way Xeon® Upgrade/Installation

  Diagnostic Tools


Additional Service Information

Configuring Options

  IBM Service Processor Manager for Netfinity - Users Guide

PCI Hot Plug Services and Fault Tolerant Mgmt. Interface - Users Guide

Netfinity System Management Processor

ServeRAID Configuration Program

Status LEDs

Understanding Disk Array Technology

  General RAID Classifications

ServeRAID Menus, Screens, and Drive States

Using the Advanced Configuration Functions

Using the ServeRAID Configuration Program

Maintaining the Disk-Array Configuration

Adapters / LEDs for Hot-Plug PCI Slots

Completing the Installation

External Options

Input/Output Ports and Connectors

SCSI Drives / Termination (Internal SCSI Devices)

  Configuring the Ethernet Controller

  PC Server NetBAY3 Enclosure

Rack Installation

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