PC Server Advanced Systems Management Adapter

PC Server Advanced Systems Management Adapter
(Adv. Systems Mgmt. Adapter Installation Instructions P/N 05L1467 U.K. 1997) 

Resetting the Adapter and Clearing the Configuration:

If you removed an adapter from one system and are reinstalling it in a different system, you must reset the adapter. (Clear the configuration) before you reinstall it to avoid possible configuration conflicts. With the adapter removed from the system:

  1.  Remove the battery from the adapter and set it aside.
  2.  With a metal paper clip or small metal screwdriver, short the battery-socket contacts on the adapter together. This resets the adapter and clears  the configuration.
  3.  Reinstall the battery on the adapter.

For Configuration see > PC Server Advanced

PC Server 325 - 330

Refer to the IBM PC Server

  It is easier to connect the cables to the system board and Adapter before you install the Adapter in the system.

For PC-Servers 325 or 330-Exx

For PC-Server 330 - x1Y, Pxx

For PC Server 704

Note: The PC Server 704 Adapter installation requires:

Refer to the IBM PC Server 704 System Board layout.


Note: For other ISA or EISA PC Server Advanced Systems Mgmt. Power Unit Connections, see the Adapter installation instructions.

For External Power Control Unit Operation and Indicators see ServerGuard Adapter

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