Adapter Configuration

Adapter Configuration
  1.  Power-off the system.
  2.  Make sure the adapter configuration diskette is not write protected.
  3.  Insert the adapter configuration diskette into the diskette drive.
  4.  Press Ctrl+Alt+Del to restart the system.

     The adapter configuration Flash Utility menu is displayed:

                      Flash Utility
         Select one:
         Configure Service Processor
         View Service Processor Configuration
         Update Service Processor
         Set Up COM Ports
         Configure OS Watchdog Timer
          Enter     F1=Help     F3=Exit

  5.  Look at the two LED displays on the adapter and check the dot on each LED for the indications listed  in the below table.

       CR1 Dot On                           CR1 Dot Off
       Problem indication, Check         |  Normal, Check CR2 Dot.
       34-pin interface cable connection |
       Replace:                    |
       Cable then, Adapter.              |
       Note: For Advanced Systems Mgmt. External Power
       Control Units, replace the 10-pin External Power Source Cable, then
       External Power Control Unit
       CR2 Dot Blinking                     CR2 Dot Off
       Normal, microcode is loaded.      |  Microcode is not loaded.
       Go to step 6                      |  Select Update Service Processor
                                         |  on the Flash Utility Menu and
                                         |  follow the prompts. Then return
                                         |  to step 5. If CR2 continues to be
                                         |  off, replace the adapter battery.
       Note: If you reset the adapter by following the procedure
       'Resetting the Adapter and Clearing the Configuration', CR2 Dot will be off
       and you must select Update Service Processor on the Flash Utility

  6.  Refer to the 'Configuration Data Worksheet' and complete the following steps.

    1.  Choose Configure Service Processor from the Flash Utility menu and select the port and IRQ  you entered in the configuration data worksheet. The utility program writes an SM.INI file to the  diskette. This file is used during the device driver installation.
    2.  Follow the on-screen prompts and choose Setup COM Ports from the Flash Utility menu. Select  the COM port I/O addresses and interrupts you entered on the configuration worksheet.
    3.  Follow the on-screen prompts to exit from the adapter configuration utility program.
    4.  Replace the system cover.

Go to 'Device Driver Installation' for device driver installation instructions.

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