Diagnostic Tools

Diagnostic Tools

The following tools are available to help identify and resolve hardware-related problems:

Diagnostic Programs

See Running Diagnostic Programs

The server diagnostic programs are stored in upgradable read-only memory (ROM) on the system board. These programs are the primary method of testing the major components of the server: the system board, Ethernet controller, video controller, RAM, keyboard, mouse (pointing device), diskette drive, serial port, and parallel port. You can also use them to test some external devices.

Also, if you cannot determine whether a problem is caused by the hardware or by the software, you can run the diagnostic programs to confirm that the hardware is working properly.

Note: When you run the diagnostic programs, a single problem might cause several error messages. When this occurs, work to correct the cause of the first error message. After the cause of the first error message is corrected, the other error messages might not occur the next time you run the test.

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