Error Messages

Error Messages

Error messages indicate that a problem exists, they are not intended to be used to identify a failing part. Troubleshooting and servicing of complex problems indicated by error messages should be performed by trained service personnel.

Hardware error messages that occur can be text, numeric, or both. Messages generated by the software generally are text messages, but they also can be numeric.

POST Error Messages:

POST error messages occur during startup when POST finds a problem with the hardware or detects a change in the hardware configuration. For more information, see 'Symptom-to-FRU Index'.

Diagnostic Error Messages:

Diagnostic error messages occur when a test finds a problem with the server hardware. These error messages are alphanumeric and they are saved in the Test Log. For more information, see 'Error Symptoms'.

Software-Generated Error Messages:

These messages occur if a problem or conflict is found by an application program, the operating system, or both. Messages are generally text messages, but they also can be numeric. For information about these error messages, refer to the documentation that comes with the software.

System Error Log:

The system error log contains all error and warning messages issued during POST and all system status messages from the the system management processor. See 'System Error Log' for information about how to view the system error log.

Option Diskettes:

An optional device or adapter can come with an Option Diskette. Option Diskettes usually contain option-specific diagnostic test programs or configuration files.

If the optional device or adapter comes with an Option Diskette, follow the instructions that come with the option. Different instructions apply depending on whether the Option Diskette is startable or not.

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