Netfinity System Management Processor

Netfinity System Management Processor

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The following information is about the system management processor that is integrated in the server. It also describes how to access the system management processor without Netfinity Manager. The following information is for the Netfinity System Management Processor.

One of the features of the Netfinity 5500 is the integrated system management processor.

Note: To use all of the functions of the system management processor, you must install the Advanced System Management service for Netfinity Manager.
You also will need a user-provided modem attached to serial port A Management Port C to use the remote functions. Refer to 'Serial Ports' for information about serial port A.

The Advanced System Management service gives you the ability to configure and monitor many features of the server's system management processor.
You can connect to, and directly access and control, the system management processor of a remote system. With the Advanced System Management service you can configure Advanced System Management service events (such as, POST, loader, and operating-system timeouts, and critical temperature and voltage failures).
If any of these events occur, the Advanced System Management service can be configured to automatically forward a Netfinity alert in one of three ways:

In addition, with the Advanced System Management service you can remotely monitor, record, and replay all textual data generated by a remote system during POST. While monitoring a remote system during POST, you can enter key commands on the keyboard that will then be relayed to the remote system.

The Netfinity Manager software is included in the ServerGuide package. Refer to the documentation that comes with ServerGuide for information on how to install the Netfinity Manager software. Then, refer to the online Netfinity documentation or the online Advanced System Management Service for Netfinity Manager User's Guide for information on using the system management processor.

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