Using Remote Video Mode to Monitor and Access POST

Using Remote Video Mode to Monitor and Access POST

You can use a terminal program to remotely monitor all textual output generated during POST. All POST data will be displayed in the terminal program window as the remote system completes POST. While you are monitoring POST on the remote system, all local keystrokes are relayed automatically to the remote system, enabling you to use POST utilities (such as system configuration, RAID mini-configuration program, or diagnostic programs) that can be accessed during POST.

To use Remote Video Mode to monitor and access POST on the server:

  1.  Use a terminal program to establish a connection with  the system management processor modem.
  2.  Log in to the system management processor.  When you have established a connection with the  system management processor, you will be prompted  for a username and password. You must provide a  username and password combination that has been  previously configured for use with the system  management processor. You can use one of two  username and password combinations:

       If you update the system management processor  microcode, the default username (USERID) and  password (PASSW0RD) are reset. If applicable,  notify the system administrator.

     When you have logged into the system management  processor, the following main menu appears:

        2 Monitors
        3 Error Logs
        4 Service Processor Configuration
        5 System Services
        6 System Power
        7 Boot
        B Remote Terminal Status
        Y Disconnect Current Logon
        Z Start Remote Video

  3.  Start (or restart) the server.

     If the remote server is currently powered off:

    1.  Select 6 System Power from the main menu.
    2.  Select 4 Power On from the System Power menu.

       If the server is currently powered on, you must  restart the server. You can use selections from  the System Power menu or the Boot menu to  restart the server in several ways.  To restart the server using System Power menu  selection:

    3.  Select 6 System Power from the main menu.
    4.  Select 3 Power Off from the System Power menu.
    5.  Once the server has powered off, select 4  Power On to restore power to the server.

     To restart the server using Boot menu selections:

    1.  Select 7 Boot from the main menu.
    2.  Select either 1 Reboot w/OS Shutdown or 2 Reboot Immediately to restart the  server.

      Note:  For information on the System Power and  Boot menus, see 'System Power Menu Selections'  and 'Boot Menu Selections'.

  4.  After you restart the server, return to the main menu  and select Z Start Remote Video.

Once you have started Remote Video mode on the system management processor, all textual output generated during POST will be sent to the terminal window. the terminal will also act as a fully-active remote session, enabling you to enter keyboard commands that will be sent to the remote server.
In this way, you can enter key commands and key-combinations that access POST operations and utilities such as system setup or the RAID mini-configuration program.

When you have finished using Remote Video mode, press Ctrl+R, then press Ctrl+E, and then press Ctrl+T. This will end Remote Video mode and return you to the main menu.

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