Internal Drive Installation

Internal Drive Installation

Different types of drives allow the system to read multiple types of media and store more data. Several types of drives are available, such as:

Internal Drive Bays: Internal drives are installed in bays. The server comes with one 3.5-inch, 1.44 MB diskette drive and one CD-ROM drive.


The server contains hardware that lets you replace a failed hard disk drive without turning off the server

Therefore, you have the advantage of continuing to operate the system while a hard disk drive is removed or installed.

These drivers are known as hot-swappable drives. They are also referred to as hot-swap drives. Each hot-swap drive bay has two indicator lights on the front of the server (see Information LED Panel 8660 / 8661 / 8662). If the amber Hard Disk Status light for a drive is lit continuously, that individual drive is faulty and needs to be replaced. When the Hard Disk Status light indicates a drive fault, you can replace a hot-swap drive without turning off the server.

Each hot-swap drive that you plan to install must have a hot-swap-drive tray attached. The drive must have a single connector attachment (SCA) connector.

Hot-swap-drive trays come with the hot-swap drives.

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