Microprocessor Kit

Microprocessor Kit

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The server comes with one microprocessor installed on the processor board. When you install an additional microprocessor kit, the server can operate as a symmetric multiprocessing (SMP) server. With SMP, certain operating systems and application programs can distribute the processing load between the microprocessors. This enhances performance for database and point-of-sale applications, integrated manufacturing solutions, and other applications.

Before you begin:


  1.  The illustrations in this section might differ slightly  from the hardware.
  2.  To avoid damage and ensure proper server operation  when you install a new or additional microprocessor,  use the same speed and voltage as those of the  currently installed microprocessor. Microprocessor  internal and external clock frequencies must be  identical.
  3.  The microprocessor that is installed in the primary  microprocessor connector is CPU or processor 1. If a  microprocessor is installed in the secondary  microprocessor connector, it is CPU or processor 2.  If the server has only one microprocessor installed,  that microprocessor is installed in the primary  microprocessor connector and is the boot processor.  If the server has two microprocessors installed, the  microprocessor in the secondary microprocessor  connector is the boot processor and the  microprocessor in the primary microprocessor  connector is the application processor.

Refer to the following illustration while you perform the steps in this section.

Note: The illustration shows only the processor board for simplicity, you do not need to remove the processor board to install a microprocessor kit.

1 Voltage regulator module (VRM) for secondary microprocessor
2 VRM for primary microprocessor
3 Primary microprocessor (CPU or processor 1)
4 Secondary microprocessor connector
5 Terminator card
6 Secondary microprocessor (CPU or processor 2)
7 Latches
8 Connector for VRM for secondary microprocessor

To install an additional microprocessor kit:

  1.  Turn off the server and peripheral devices and  disconnect all external cables and power cords (see 'Preparing to Install Options'), then  remove the top cover (see 'Top Cover Removal').
  2.  Remove the terminator card -5- from the secondary  microprocessor connector -4-. You do not need the  terminator card when you have a second  microprocessor installed. You can store it in a safe  place in the static-protective package that the new  microprocessor is shipped in.
  3.  Install the microprocessor:

    1.  Touch the static-protective package containing  the new microprocessor to any unpainted metal  surface on the server, then, remove the  microprocessor from the package.
    2.   Center the microprocessor -6- over the  secondary connector -4-.

         Make sure the microprocessor is oriented  and aligned correctly before you try to press  it into the connector.

    3.  Press in on the latches -7- and carefully insert  the microprocessor into the connector.
    4.  Press outward on the latches -7- to lock the  microprocessor in place.

      Note:  To remove the microprocessor, press in on  the latches -7- and lift the microprocessor  out of the connector.

  4.  Install the voltage regulator module (VRM) -1-  included in the microprocessor kit in the secondary  VRM connector -8-.

    Note:  If you remove the secondary microprocessor at  some time in the future, remember to install the  terminator card in the secondary microprocessor  connector and to remove the VRM for the  secondary microprocessor.

  5.  If you have other options to install or remove, do so  now, otherwise, go to Completing the Installation.

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