Rack Installation

Rack Installation

This chapter provides instructions for installing a server in a rack and for removing a server from a rack.

The server comes with all the rack installation hardware (rack model only). Review the (below) preinstallation information in 'Before You Begin', then, continue with (below) 'Installing and Removing the Server.'
  > 50 kg (110 lbs)

Do not place any object weighing more than 50 kg (110 lbs) on top of the rack model of the server.

Before You Begin

You will need the following items:

Some of the installation procedures require three people.

Installing and Removing the Server: During the installation procedure, you must install parts on the rack and the server. This process can be divided into two parts:


Use safe lifting practices when lifting the machine.

In this section, you will use the following parts:

  To ensure rack stability, plan the installation of servers in the rack starting from the bottom.

To attach the mounting hardware to the rack:

  1.  Remove the rack front door. Refer to the rack  documentation for instructions.
  2.  Mark the positions of the slide-bracket assemblies,  bezel brackets, and the cable-management arm on  the rack:

    1.  Position the installation template on the front  mounting rails on the rack, aligning the holes.
    2.  Mark the holes for the slide-bracket assemblies  and bezel brackets.
    3.  Move the template to the same U level at the  rear of the server and mark the locations for the  slide-bracket assemblies and cable-management  arm.
    4.  Install the six cage nuts at the locations marked  on the mounting rails.

  3.  Attach a slide-bracket assembly to the front of the  rack:


    1.  Position the slide-bracket assembly behind the  mounting rail so that the slides will extend out  from the front of the rack.
    2.  If necessary, loosen the screws at the rear of the  slide bracket assembly and adjust the length of  the slide-bracket to fit the mounting rail. Tighten  the screws.
    3.  Insert screws (M6 by 16 mm) through the  mounting rail to the slide-bracket assembly. Do  not tighten the screws.

  4.  Attach the slide bracket assembly to the rear of the rack:

    1.  Position the slide-bracket assembly inside the  mounting rail.
    2.  Insert screws (M6 by 16mm) through the  mounting rail to the slide-bracket assembly. Do  not tighten the screws.

  5.  Attach the other slide-bracket assembly to the front and rear of the rack.
  6.  Push the slide-bracket assemblies to the outermost positions on the rack.
  7.  Tighten all screws to secure both slide-bracket assemblies.
     If you are using a torque screwdriver,  use the following torque setting: 8--11 Nm (70.8 - 97.0 in/lbs).
  8.  Attach the cable-management arm to the rear of the  rack:

    1.  Position the cable-management arm bracket on  the outside of the mounting rail.
    2.  Insert screws (M6 by 16 mm) through the  cable-management arm bracket, mounting rail,  and cage nuts. Tighten the screws.
    3.  Position the server bracket on the  cable-management arm.
    4.  Insert screws through the cable-management  arm and the server bracket. Attach M6 hex nuts  to the screws and tighten the hex nuts.


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