Attaching Resources

Attaching Resources

A resource is a disk drive that is to be accessed individually or an array of disk drives.

When a resource has been attached to one system in a cluster, the resource is automatically attached to the other system.

To attach a resource to your system:

  1.  From the menu screen for this adapter, select System Resources.

     A list, initially blank, of the resources attached to the system is displayed, the resources are  listed in disk-address order. Only resources that are attached  can be accessed by the operating system.

     To attach a resource:

    1.  Press Insert.
    2.  A list of candidate resources is displayed:

       These are the resources that are in the free state.

       Select the resource that you want to attach.  Its name disappears from this list and the Request for Input window opens:

    3.  The disk number automatically assigned for the new resource is shown,  this will be one greater than the highest disk number already assigned.  You can change this by overtyping it.


     ('Disk Numbers' describes disk drive numbers and how they are mapped to logical buses.)

     When you have chosen the disk number for the new resource, press Enter.

  2.  The System resources window reappears with the new resource added to the list.  The disk numbers shown include that of the new resource and reflect any reallocation of disk numbers  that has been necessary.

  3.  If either:

  4.  Use your operating system to assign logical partitions and drive  identifiers to the new resources (for example, Disk Administrator).

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