Changing Failed Disk Drives

Changing Failed Disk Drives

If you have one of the SRNs in the 'Service Request Number' list, you can change the disk drive using the following procedure:

  1.  From the Main Menu, select SSA Adapter List, select the adapter, and then select Disk Service Aids.

     A list of physical disk drives is displayed:

     In this example, four disk drives are connected between ports Al  and A2 of this adapter, in a loop, in the order shown, with the  SSA adapter in the other system. There are no disks connected  to ports B1 and B2.

     If a dotted line appears in the list of disk drives, it  indicates that the SSA loop is broken at that place.

  2.  You can identify a disk drive by highlighting its entry in this list  and pressing F9. This causes the Check light on the disk drive  to flash (if it is not on already) and a + symbol appears beside  the entry in the list. Pressing FlO stops the light flashing.
  3.  Highlight the entry for the disk drive that you are going to replace and press F4.

     This puts that disk drive into service mode, the Check light on  the disk drive comes on (it might be on already) and a > symbol  appears beside the entry in the list. Only one disk can be in service mode at a time.

  4.  Replace the physical disk drive. The User's Handbook for the unit containing  the disk drive describes how to do this.
  5.  Highlight the entry for the disk drive that you are have just replaced and press F4.

     This removes that disk drive from service mode.

  6.  Press Esc to return to the Main Menu. (Leaving the Service Aids window automatically  removes any disk drive from service mode.)
  7.  If the disk drive that failed was a member of an array for which  no hot spare was available, the entry for the failed disk drive in  the list of members of the array is replaced with

      uidxxxx Not Present

     You must add the new disk drive to the array by exchanging this  entry with that for the new disk drive, using the procedure  described in 'Exchanging a Member of an Array'.

     If the disk drive that failed was a member of an array for which a  hot spare was available, the hot spare will have been exchanged  automatically with the faulty disk drive. You can either:

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