Deleting an Array

Deleting an Array

Before deleting an array, delete any operating-system-partition definitions that affect the array.

To delete the definition of an array from the system:

  1.  From the Main Menu, select SSA Adapter List and the primary  adapter that controls the array. The adapter menu window opens:

  2.  Select System Resources. A window opens showing the list of  all resources currently defined to the system:

     Highlight the entry for the array that you want to delete, make a  note of its array name, press Delete, and confirm the deletion  at the prompt.
  3.  The adapter-menu window reopens.

     Select RAID 1 Arrays. You can scroll the contents of the  window by using the arrow keys. A list of the RAID-1 arrays controlled  by this adapter appears in a new window:

     Put the cursor against the array to be deleted, press Delete,  and confirm the deletion at the prompt.

These steps delete the array and return its member disk drives to the free state.

Shutdown and reboot your operating system.

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