Getting the Latest Information

Getting the Latest Information

For the latest device drivers, firmware, and utility programs, refer to the IBM PC Company file search page at:

(use the keyword: SSA), or call the IBM PC Company Bulletin Board System at:

         In the U.S.     1-919-517-0001
         In Canada       In Markham:   905-316-4255
                         In Montreal:  514-938-3022
                         In Toronto:   416-492-1823
                         In Vancouver: 604-664-6466

For new and helpful information about this and other SSA adapters and subsystems, refer to:

For detailed maintenance information on the adapter and its subsystem, refer to the SSA RAID Cluster Adapter: Maintenance Information manual, S32H-3817 

For detailed information on the operation of the adapter, refer to the SSA RAID Cluster Adapter: Technical Reference manual, SA33-3268 

For more information on IBM products or services, browse the IBM home page on the World Wide Web, its URL is:

or, for information (such as Service : Support or new BIOS flashes) specifically about PC Servers, refer to:

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