MAP 2410: SSA Repair Verification

  MAP 2410: SSA Repair Verification

This MAP helps you to verify a repair after a FRU has been exchanged for a new one.

  Unless the system unit needs to be turned off for some other reason, do not turn off the system when servicing an SSA link or a
unit in which SSA devices are installed
. Unit power cables and external SSA cables that
connect devices to the system can be disconnected while that system is running.

 Before you arrived at this MAP, you might have exchanged
 one or more FRUs for new FRUs. Some of those FRUs
 (for example, disk drives) have Power lights.
 - Check whether all those Power lights are on.
  Yes  No-+002|- Exchange, for a new one, the FRU whose Power light is oft.
   |      +---+  Go to Step 004.
 Go to Step 004.
  Yes  No-+005|Go to the START MAP for the unit in which the
          +---+device with its Check light on is installed.
 - Run concurrent diagnostics to the device that reported the problem.
  1. Do not run nonconcurrent diagnostics, otherwise, errors are logged on
     other systems that share the same loop.
  2. If you have just exchanged a disk drive or an SSA RAID Cluster Adapter,
     you must use the configurator to restore the device to the system.
 - If the original problem was not reported by a device, run diagnostics
   to each SSA RAID Cluster Adapter in the system unit.
 - Do the problem tix procedure (see 'Problem Fix Procedure').
 Note: If you do not do the problem fix procedure, the
       diagnostics might create an SRN for a problem that you have
       already solved.
 If you have a RAID array, and the problem remains, go to
 RAID Checkout at MAP 2324 step 032.

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