Netfinity Manager 5.0

Netfinity Manager 5.0

Through Netfinity Manager 5.0, Data Scrubbing can be performed via synchronization as a background task while data is being accessed by users. Netfinity Manager supports either local or remote access on the server console under OS/2 or NT. Synchronization can be scheduled to run at off-peak hours without requiring user intervention by using Netfinity's event scheduler. In order to use Netfinity 5.0 to schedule data scrubbing, please download NFSORAID.EXF from This file contains updated Netfinity program files which are required for scheduling data scrubbing on controllers with the write policy set to write-back cache. When installed with the NetFinity Manager code the following operating systems are affected: OS/2, WINNT, and WIN95. System administrators can also use Netfinity Manager's out of band, or serial connection, capabilities to dial into a machine that has Netfinity Manager installed, and access the entire network. This 'out of band' support is particularly important since this allows LAN administrators to dial in, from remote locations to initiate an array synchronization. All these features, plus many more, are discussed in the Netfinity Manager 5.0 Users Guide.

Netfinity Manager 5.0 is included in ServerGuide version 3.1 and above, which is shipped with every IBM server.

If you have ServerGuide version 3.0 or older, then you can obtain an upgrade at no additional cost to the latest release by calling (in the U.S.) 1-800-426-7282. Press option '4' and tell the representative that you have a copy of ServerGuide and would like the most current release. You will be asked to fax a photocopy of your ServerGuide license diskette/Startup Diskette to 1-800-406-7129. Include your mailing address.

In Europe, the Middle East, or Africa, fax the following information to (44)-1475-5555 12. No phone call is necessary.

In all other geographies, please contact your local marketing representat1ve.

Instructions for Configuring IBM ServeRAID and ServeRAID II Adapters under Netfinity Manager 5.0 

  1.  Run RAID Manager service
  2.  From the title bar select 'Options'
  3.  Select 'Configure Enclosure'
  4.  Configure Adapter Number and Channel for each bank using IBM ServeRAlD  Administration and Monitoring utility
  5.  Select 'Save Configuration' under 'Options'

Instructions for Scheduling Data Scrubbing 

  1.  Start the Netfinity Service Manager
  2.  Click on 'Event Scheduler'
  3.  Select 'New'
  4.  Type in 'DATA SCRUB' for the new event name or any specific name you choose.
  5.  Highlight 'Synchronize All RAID Drives' under Tasks.
  6.  Click on 'Systems' or 'Groups' under Scheduled By to select the systems to data  scrub.

    NOTE: Ensure that all systems selected has an IBM RAID Adapter installed  that supports the Netfinity Manager 5.0 data scrubbing utility. See above  compatibility matrix for supported adapters.

  7.  Once all systems have been selected, click on 'Schedule' to select the time and date  along with the frequency desired. IBM recommends data scrubbing to be performed  weekly for a high level of data protection.
  8.  Click on 'Save' to save the event and exit.

NOTE: The status of the 'DATA SCRUB' event can be viewed by clicking on 'View Logs' within the Event Scheduler. If the log displays that Data Scrub event has started but has not yet completed, the percentage complete can be viewed in the RAID Monitor portion of Netfinity Manager.

In addition, the IBM ServeRAID and ServeRAID II adapters provide two other methods for initiating Data Scrubbing. The TCP/IP based client/server administration utility allows online synchronization of arrays initiated from a Windows 95 or Windows NT client station.

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