Planning for a shared Cluster

Planning for a Shared Disk Cluster

One of the most important elements in configuring a shared-disk cluster is thorough, up-front planning.
This section provides some basic considerations, ideas, and information that you might find useful when designing a shared-disk cluster.

To help you determine the appropriate hardware for your shared-disk cluster, consider the following:

Other considerations might include such things as your budget and security needs. An important point to remember is that a decision to use a specific configuration does not limit future expansion.
Many of the IBM Netfinity and PC Server hardware elements used to create the shared-disk clusters are very flexible and can be customized and expanded as your needs increase.

'Shared-Disk Hardware Examples' contains illustrations, descriptions, and parts listings for several dual-node, shared-disk cluster examples.

For detailed information about the IBM servers, storage enclosures, and optional devices that you can use to configure a shared-disk cluster, see 'Selecting Servers and Enclosures'.

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