Installing the ServeRAID WIN32-Based Program

Installing the ServeRAID WIN32-Based Program

This section provides instructions for installing the ServeRAID WIN32-Based program.

Before you begin the installation.

To install the ServeRAID WIN32-Based program:

  1.  Turn on the system and allow Windows NT or Windows 95 to start.
  2.  Insert the IBM ServeRAID Configuration CD  into the CD-ROM drive.
  3.  Click on Start, click on Run; then, type the following:


    Note: The represents the letter assignment for the CD-ROM drive that contains the ServeRAID CD.

  4.  Press Enter; then, follow the instructions that appear on the screen to complete the installation.

Refer to Chapter 5, 'Starting and Using the Utility Programs' for more information about the WIN32-Based program.

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