Using the World Wide Web

Using the World Wide Web

On the World Wide Web, the IBM Personal Computing Web site has up-to-date information about IBM Personal Computer products and support.
The address for the IBM Personal Computing home page is:

You can find support information for your IBM products, including supported options, on the IBM Personal Computing Support page at:

If you select Profile from the support page, you can create a customized support page that is specific to your hardware, complete with Frequently Asked Questions, Parts Information, Technical Hints and Tips, and Downloadable Files.
You will have the information you need, all in one place. In addition, you can choose to receive e-mail notifications whenever new information becomes available about your registered products.
You also can access online support forums, which are community sites monitored by IBM support staff.

For information about specific Personal Computer products, visit the following pages:

You can select a country-specific Web site from these pages.

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