3447 and 7337 Digital Linear Tape Library - Service Guide

  3447 and 7337 Digital Linear Tape Library - Service Guide

(First Edition - May 1998 - P/N 59H3579 GA32-0400-00) 

  For Internal DLT Tape-Drives - see



Safety Notices

About This Guide
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Chapter 1. Reference Information
Tape Library - Components

Controller Lights
Controller Reset Button
Operational Modes


Chapter 2. Maintenance Analysis Procedures

  Library Exerciser, Diagnostic, and Fix Verify Selections

DLT7000 Tape Drive Diagnostic and Fix Verify Selections
Status Lights on the DLT7000 Tape Drive
DLT7000 Status Light Action During Power-On Self Test and Operation

  Error Codes

Chapter 3. Service Operations


Updating Firmware
Maintenance Menu
Cleaning the Heads
Setup Information
Setup Procedure
Tape Drive SCSI Address Setup
Tape Cartridge Inspection Procedure
Tape Leader Check
Manually Removing a Tape Cartridge

  Chapter 4. Removal and Replacement Procedures

Chapter 5. Installing the Rack-Mounted Tape Library
Installing Cables and Terminators

Installing the Device Driver (for RS/6000 Users Only)

  Chapter 6. Parts Diagram and Parts List

Chapter 7. DLT Tape Cartridges

Appendix B. Updating the Tape Library Firmware (for the RS/6000 Only)
Appendix C. Accessing the System Error Log (for the RS/6000 Only)
Appendix D. Performing the System Verification (for the RS/6000 Only)

Appendix E. Converting Hex Characters to ASCII

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