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Chapter 1. Reference Information

The IBM Digital Linear Tape Library is a robotic tape handling system that provides up to 525 GB of uncompressed or 1050 GB (1.05 TB) of compressed data storage capacity for network computer systems.
The total data capacity depends on the type of tape cartridges in the tape library and the number of storage cells reserved for data tape cartridges.
The tape library can hold a maximum of 15 tape cartridges; up to 10 cartridges can be held in a removable magazine and up to 5 cartridges in fixed cells located inside the library.

The tape library has two configurations:

Figure 1 shows the tape library in these configurations.

Figure 1. Tape Libraries in Typical Configurations 

The tape library connects to computer systems or network servers to provide high-capacity system backups.
It is suitable for on-line storage, as well as retrieval and archival of large files (such as image files) and sequential data sets.

The library is available in two machine types: 3447 and 7337.
The 3447 Digital Linear Tape Library has two models:

The 7337 Digital Linear Tape Library also has two models:

The tape library is designed for unattended operation; however, an operator display panel on the front of the 7337 Tape Library lets you monitor library and drive activities, suspend operations, load and unload tape cartridges, and run confidence tests and diagnostics.
These operations can also be initiated through the host computer interface.

The tape library communicates with a host computer through a small computer systems interface-2 (SCSI-2).
The library has an RS-232 connector on the back panel.
Using this connector, you can attach a terminal or small computer to download firmware or to access diagnostic and statistical information.

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