Maintenance Menu

Maintenance Menu

Figure 30 lists the elements that appear in the maintenance menu.

Figure 30. Elements in the Maintenance Menu 

Element Definition
Serial Number Informational shows the serial number of the tape library
SCSI Type Informational shows the type of SCSI interlace (DIFF for
differential and SE for single ended).
Re-initialize? Reinitializes the library and all axes.
Reset Statistics? Resets the operational retry' statistics to zero. The 'retry'
statistics are listed in the internal inventory/statistics table.
Reset Datums? Resets the datums to default settings (datums are the
reference points for positioning the robotic shuttle).
Load Code Tape? Puts the library in the proper state to update the tape
library firmware with a code update cartridge (see
'Updating the Tape Library Firmware Using a DLT Tape Cartridge').

The following procedure describes how to use the operator panel to re-initialize the tape library, reset the internal statistics to zero, reset the datums to the default settings, or update the library firmware with a code update cartridge.

Note: Make sure the front door key lock is in the 12 o'clock position, and change the Digital Linear Tape Library to the diagnostic off-line mode.

Starting from:

      IBM XXX7  X.XX x
      A:  DLT7000   VNN y1
      B:  DLT7000   VNN y2

  1.  Press the CYCLE key eight times. The following menu is shown on the operator panel.

              CHANGE MODE
            MOVE CARTRIDGE
            DLT DIAGNOSTIC
            REMOTE DIAGS
            COMM TEST

  2.  Press the SELECT key once.

     The following menu is shown on the operator panel (XXXXX is the serial number of the tape library).

            ->Serial #: XXXXX
            SE  SCSI:
            RE-INITIALIZE ?
            RESET STATS ?
            RESET DATUMS ?
            LD CODE TAPE ?

     Press the CYCLE key to move the arrow down to the maintenance task to be performed.

  3.  Press the SELECT key once. The Operation is performed and the tape library returns to the on-line mode.

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