Hot Adding a New Adapter

Hot Adding a New Adapter

Hot Add allows you to install and configure an adapter while the server is running.

To Hot Add a new adapter:

  1.  Log on to Windows NT as a user within the Administrator group.
  2.  Open the server cabinet carefully in order to access the PCI Hot Plug slots.
  3.  Locate an empty PCI Hot Plug slot. (Make sure the power to the slot is Off.)
  4.  Open the adapter retention latch.
  5.  Lift the black tab.
  6.  Remove the expansion slot cover.
  7.  Insert the adapter firmly into the slot. Use the plastic guides to ensure the adapter is properly seated.
  8.  Connect any applicable adapter cables.
  9.  Lower the tab and close the adapter retention latch.
     The power LED next to the slot turns ON and the Hot Plug and Play Wizard starts.
  10.  Follow the instructions on the Hot Plug and Play Wizard.
     Before the wizard completes, you may have to configure the adapter.
     For configuration instructions, refer to the documentation for your adapter.
  11.  Click Finish to close the wizard and complete the installation.

DO NOT REBOOT! (See the (below) section 'warnings' for exceptions)

If a problem occurs during installation, refer to the Event Viewer (System Log) for information about the install session.


Helpful Tip: You can Hot Add a Logic Analyzer card and a PCI Bus Analyzer card to the PCI Bus without impacting existing adapters.
When finished, simply power off the slot using the IBM PCI Hot Plug Applet and remove the analyzer from the system.
These procedures may be useful in gathering data for I/O performance analysis.

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