Fault Tolerant Management Interface

Fault Tolerant Management Interface (FTMI)

The Fault Tolerant Management Interface is located in the Control Panel.


A. Adding a Machine to FTMI

  1.  Log in as a Domain Administrator.
  2.  Open FTMI from the Control Panel.
  3.  From the Insert Menu, select Machine.
  4.  In the Machine Name box, type the name of the machine you wish to add.
     If you don't know the exact name of the machine you are adding, click Browse to search for the machine.
  5.  Click OK. The new machine is added to the Root tree.

B. Removing a machine from FTMI

  1.  Log in as a Domain Administrator.
  2.  Open FTMI from the Control Panel.
  3.  From the Edit menu, select Delete.
  4.  From the Machine to Delete box, select the machine you wish to remove from FTMI.
  5.  Click OK. The machine is removed from the Root tree.

C. Forcing a FailOver

FTMI can help you force the failure from an active adapter to an inactive adapter.

To force a failover from an active adapter to a passive adapter:

  1.  The FTMI directory tree, right-click the adapter you want to force a failover on and select Force Failover from the menu.

D. Refreshing system properties

Click the   button to refresh the status of the systems managed by FTMI.

To refresh properties at the following levels, either select Refresh from the View menu or right-click the Machine, Group, or Adapter and select Refresh from the menu.
Machine    Selecting this command at a machine level, refreshes only the selected machine and its components.
     When you select refresh at this level, FTMI deletes the machine from the tree then adds it back to
     the tree.
     The failover group and the adapter get a fresh copy of the machines attributes from DMI.
Group    Selecting this command at a group level refreshes only the group and its components.
Adapter    Selecting this command at an adapter level refreshes only the selected adapter.

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